Japanese defenses destroyed on Okinawa: 21 June 1945 – This Day in History

Japanese resistance on Okinawa was finally crushed this day in 1945, less than three months after U.S. troops had landed there—their last stepping-stone before the assault on Japan’s main islands in World War II.

More Events on this day:

1982: John Hinckley, Jr., was ruled to be innocent by reason of insanity in the shooting of U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

1963: Paul VI was elected pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

1919: Italian American architect Paolo Soleri was born in Turin, Italy.

1870: The Tianjin Massacre—a violent outbreak of Chinese xenophobic sentiment toward Westerners—erupted.

1834: Cyrus McCormick received a patent for his 1831 invention of a reaper.

1813: The Battle of Vitoria was fought during the Peninsular War, breaking Napoleon‘s power in Spain.

Source: Encyclopædia Britannica Online Daily

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