Scarborough Castle Piers Gaveston

Scarborough Castle Piers Gaveston

The castle was considered to be the natural place for the king’s favourite knight, the Gascon Piers Gaveston, to seek sanctuary when pursued by the barons who had imposed the Ordinances of 1311.  The Ordinances were imposed to curb the King’s power, and the barons saw Gaveston as a threat to their interests.Sir Robert Felton was governor of Scarborough Castle in 1311 and was slain at Stirling in 1314.

In April 1312, Edward made Gaveston the governor of Scarborough Castle, but his tenure would be brief.

In May, the Earls of Pembroke and Warenne, together with Henry de Percy, besieged and took the castle.  Despite its strong defences, it fell quickly due to lack of provisions. Gaveston was promised safe escort from the castle, but on the journey south was captured by the Earl of Warwick and killed.

It is said he still haunts the castle!

Scarborough fared little better.  Edward punished the town for not supporting Gaveston by revoking its royal privileges and placing it under the direct rule of appointed governors.