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Headless Ghost Scarborough Castle

Scarborough Castle from St Mary's Church

Scarborough Castle from St Mary’s Church

Headless Ghost Scarborough Castle

Taken from Something Paranoral

“Scarborough Castle is supposedly haunted by the headless figure of Piers Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall.

Gaveston had a strong relationship with Edward I, and after being attacked by Thomas Plantagenet, 2nd Earl of Lancaster’s army, the two were forced to flee by ship to Scarborough Castle.

Gaveston was captured at the castle in 1312, surrendering on the condition that his life would be spared and that he would have a fair trial. However, on his journey to London, he was sentenced to death by Thomas of Lancaster.

Gaveston was taken to Blacklow Hill in Warwick, and killed by two Welshmen, who ran him through with a sword before beheading him as he lay dying on the grass.

The headless spectre of Gaveston patrols the battlements at night. He is now said to lurk in the shadows of the castle walls and lure visitors to their death over the cliff edge.”