Battle of Hastings: 14 October 1066 – This Day in History

At the Battle of Hastings, fought this day in 1066, King Harold II of England was defeated by the invading army of William, duke of Normandy, in the Norman Conquest, establishing Normans as rulers of England.

More Events on this day:

1994: Naguib Mahfouz, the 82-year-old novelist and 1988 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, was stabbed by Islamic militants in Cairo.

1973: Prime Minister Thanom Kittikachorn was forced to leave Thailand following huge public demonstrations.

1944: German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, the “Desert Fox,” ended his life by drinking poison following the discovery of his connection to a conspiracy to assassinate Adolf¬†Hitler.

1936: The first group of 500 trainees for the International Brigades arrived in Albacete, Spain.

1806: French troops under Napoleon smashed the outdated Prussian army led by Charles William Ferdinand at the Battle of Jena.

Source: Encyclopædia Britannica Online Daily

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